More than just decor!

Beyond Decor

Custom Timber Milling

We are in the logging business and whether your project is commercial or residential, we're here to help. Milling and Woodworking Services are available from design to construction materials. Please visit for more information.

Hand made railings from naturally dried pine. Please visit for more information.

Large Diameter Logs

One of the most amazing pieces of equipment we have is our log lathe.  Capable of turning 20 inch diameter logs, whatever your project calls for we can deliver.  Check out, and don't forget to see the lathe in action, if you're into that sort of thing...

What else can we do?

Let's just say, we're problem solvers.  Whether it is custom furniture, mantels, or building materials, and regardless of project scale, our expert staff will go above and beyond to fill your needs. Please call us at 1(888)797-8953.